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Terms and conditions is a website run by Radio Metal LLC. Our head office is located at the following address: 52 rue Sébastien Gryphe 69007 LYON. Our SIRET number is 494 608 599 00010. The company has a capital of 4600€.

These terms and conditions apply when you shop with us (or when you access our services, applications and websites, hereafter referred to as “our Sites”). They are extremely important to you and to us, because they define what we expect from each other and can provide you with useful information. If you need to know anything else, you can reach out to our customer care team. We always love receiving messages!

We keep these terms and conditions regularly updated, so please check them out before shopping with us, as we always enforce the most recent terms and conditions.

In order to shop with us, you need to:

  • Be at least 16 years of age;
  • Use a supported debit or credit card (information regarding payment providers is available at the bottom of the page);
  • Be allowed to use said debit of credit card (it must be in your name or you must have permission to use it).

For your information, some products for sale on our Sites may not be appropriate if you’re under 18.

When you place an order, you should receive an e-mail acknowledging the order. We then make all the standard pre-authorization checks necessary to ensure the funds on your card are sufficient.

After you click the “Order” button, payment will be made via the payment method you specified and Radio Metal will start processing your order. In accordance with the French civil code, our contract with you is formed from the moment your order has been successfully placed.

We will only consider your order valid when payment has been accepted and your card has been debited (the contract will then be fulfilled based on these terms and conditions).

You may be able to cancel (not modify) your order for a limited time once it’s been placed. The exact canceling window depends on the delivery method you’ve chosen (and will be specified in the e-mail acknowledging receipt of your order). Your order cannot be modified; you will have to cancel it (and/or return all original items) and place a new order.

All orders are subjected to availability and confirmation of the order price. Don’t worry, we’ll contact you if there’s any problem with your order.

In very rare instances, we will be forced to refuse/cancel an order, or block/close an account, even if we’ve already sent an order confirmation e-mail (e.g., if we notice any unusual activity with your order or your account). If that happens and you think we’ve made a mistake, please don’t get mad at us! Contact our customer care team; one of our advisors will be happy to help you.

Before you can finalize your order, you will be given a choice between several delivery options. You will also be informed of the estimated delivery date and time, based on your delivery address.

We always do everything we can to honor the indicated delivery times, but delays can happen (e.g., issue with the carrier/postal services, logistics, adverse weather, or force majeure). We will make sure to keep you informed and you should be able to track your order.

Have a look at our Delivery options section for more information or contact our customer care team if you have any request or question.

None of these rules affect your statutory rights.

Want to return a product?

We understand that sometimes, things don’t go according to plan, and you just want your money back. Don’t worry: if the product is still in its original condition, you can return it for free, provided you follow the rules below, which contain a section on the fair use of our return policy.

If you return a product for a refund within 14 days of receiving it at home or retrieving it at the pick-up point, we will refund the product in full via the payment method you used to place your order.

If you return a product for a refund 15 to 30 days after receiving it at home or retrieving it at the pick-up point, we will send you a Radio Metal gift voucher of the amount you paid for the product.

We’ll do everything we can so you can be refunded within 30 days of us receiving your returned item.

If you’d like to get a refund within the above-mentioned deadlines but are not able to return the product to us for any reason, please contact us. In this case, refund will be left to our discretion.


What if you missed the deadline?

We will not accept returned items after the allotted time mentioned above. Should you still try to return an item, we may be forced to send it back to you at your own expense.


Proof of shipment

We highly recommend asking for a proof of shipment. Our return address is:

Radio Metal 52 rue Sébastien Gryphe 69007 Lyon France



Hygiene matters a lot to us, for you and all of our customers. Therefore, some items cannot be returned and refunded.


Original condition

All items must be returned in their original condition, and in their original packaging (labels included) if at all possible.

All returned items will be inspected by our team. You may of course try on the items you ordered, like you would in a store, but please do not actively wear or otherwise use them. When you try on an article of clothing, please do not use too much force or wear too much make-up, perfume, or deodorant, as these all leave marks and odors on the clothes.

If the item you wish to return has been worn, used, damaged, or if any of the instructions above have not been followed, we won’t be able to refund it and will have to send it back to you. In that case, shipment will be at your own expense. Alternatively, we reserve the right to deduce the value of the product from your refund.


Proper use 

Should we notice any unusual trend with regard to returns (e.g., if we suspect a customer wears the ordered items and then returns them to get a refund, or if they order then return an excessive number of items, or if they return items that they have not ordered), we may have to disable the customer’s account and any and all related accounts. If this happens to you and you think we’ve made a mistake, please contact our customer care team. We will be happy to discuss it with you.

If your account has been disabled and you need to make a valid return, please contact our customer care team. You will receive a return label, but you will have to pay the shipment fees.

Be aware that we reserve the right to take legal action against a customer who returns items they have not ordered.

14-day legal retraction period

You may cancel your order within 14 days of receiving it, by filling out the retraction form below. Please send it to and return your order. You can also contact us by phone (+33 6 81 34 07 85), 24/7, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. You do not have to give a reason for the return if you cancel your order within 14 days of receiving your products.

We may sometimes share promo codes that you can use to lower the price of certain items. Please remember that you need to enter the code at check-out!

Each promo code comes with its own terms and conditions, which will be laid out when we send you the code (e.g.: items included within the scope of the offer, multiple/single use, when the code can be used, etc.).

You may not use several promo codes or discounts at once.

If you receive a promo code that is meant specifically for you (e.g., a student promo code), please keep it to yourself and do not let anyone else use it (e.g., do not share it on social media). If we believe the promo code is being or has been used improperly in any way (e.g., if the promo code has been sold or shared), the code may be canceled and your account may be suspended or closed without warning.

We don’t like to do that, but if a promo code has been used improperly by a customer of Radio Metal or in case of a technical problem (e.g.: fraud, forging, technical errors or events out of our control that may affect the reasonable use of the promo code), we reserve the right to cancel, modify, or suspend it.

So you’ve received a Radio Metal gift voucher. Congratulations!

What you need to remember:

We advise you to register your gift voucher to your Radio Metal account ASAP, in order to keep it safe.

Radio Metal gift vouchers may not be used to purchase more Radio Metal gift vouchers.

Are you feeling generous? Do you want to buy a Radio Metal gift voucher to someone you hold dear? Please make sure their e-mail address is correct! If it isn’t, the gift voucher will be sent to someone else, who can then use it freely. Check and then double-check the addressee’s e-mail address before you buy the gift voucher.

Anti-spam filters may sometimes send our e-mails directly to your spam inbox. Therefore, if the beneficiary of the gift voucher hasn’t thanked you, encourage them to check their spam inbox.

Our privacy policy outlines how we use your information. If there’s a change in your personal information, don’t forget to update it under My account, so we can serve you to the best of our ability (you can also update your marketing preferences in this section of the website).

At Radio Metal, we love being able to interact with you and talk to you on social media. However, we have no control over these platforms or your own privacy settings. Please check and select your privacy settings so you understand and are comfortable with the way your information is being used on these platforms.

The intellectual property rights of the content available on the website remain the property of Radio Metal. These rights are protected by laws and treaties on intellectual property across the world. All these rights are reserved by Radio Metal.

You may stock, print, and display the content provided on our website for your own personal use only. It is forbidden to use this content for commercial or professional purposes.

You may not use the Radio Metal logo or any of the Radio Metal trademarks or registered trademarks (or any similar-looking trademarks) without a written and signed authorization from one of Radio Metal’s managers.

As you can imagine, there’s always something to be done at Radio Metal, and we’re rarely bored. Therefore, we’re not totally beyond reproach with regard to product prices and descriptions. If we realize there’s a mistake with the product you’ve ordered, we will inform you ASAP and we’ll give you a choice between confirming your order (at the correct price) and canceling it.

If we are not able to contact you, we will consider that the order is canceled. If you cancel your order and you’ve already paid, it will be refunded in full.

All prices are VAT inclusive (if applicable), and the rate applied is based on your billing country within the EU. You may have to pay bank fees for currency conversion.

Depending on the value of your order, the delivery method and/or your delivery address, you may also have to pay for shipment (see below). These extra fees will be clearly stated at check-out and will be included under “Total amount”.

All unisex items are modeled by a man and a woman. If you order one such product with a quantity of “1”, you will only receive one item.

If you wish to send a complaint to Radio Metal, please e-mail our customer care team

That’s probably obvious, but you may not make improper use of or tamper with our websites, applications or other services (“Sites”) (e.g., hack, introduce viruses, trojans, worms, logic bombs or any other technologically harmful software/malware, attempt a denial-of-service attack, etc.), damage our technology or functionality, or attempt to steal our data or that of our customers. These are criminal offenses that would keep us from serving Radio Metal’s loyal customers properly, and as such, we tend to take them really seriously. Radio Metal will report any breach of the law and disclose the identity of the concerned individual to the competent authorities.

You are advised to use an antivirus software when you browse any website, including ours. Although our dedicated team is working hard to keep ill-intentioned people from damaging our website, we cannot guarantee it will always be free of bugs, viruses, or malicious people.

You may also not use any automated systems or software to extract data from our website (also known as “screen scraping”).

Ill-intentioned people should take note of the following: you agree to compensate Radio Metal and will not hold Radio Metal, its administrators, managers, employees, consultants, agents, and affiliates responsible for any claims or damages (including, but not limited to, legal fees) resulting from your use (or misuse) of this Site or from your violation of the terms and conditions.

 So we’ve contacted you on social media to share your content on our own channels. Congratulations! It means we love your style!

By allowing you to share your content on our social media channels and by using the required hashtags (such as #radiometal), you accept the following terms:

  • We may use your ID and content (the “Content”) on, on, and/or on any of Radio Metal’s social media platforms (in particular Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube).
  • We may amend, crop, optimize or modify the Content (but Radio Nous shall not treat you disparagingly).

You guarantee and declare that you:

  • Are allowed by all parties to share your Content;
  • Are allowed to grant Radio Metal the above-mentioned rights; and
  • Are at least 16 years of age.


If you (or anyone included in the Content) ask us to delete the Content, we will delete it from the social media platforms over which we have control.

You understand that other users of these platforms may also share and use the Content once it has been published. In particular, a user of these platforms may take a screen capture and save an image of the Content on their device, and share the Content on social media platforms or websites allowing the sharing of content. If you are not OK with the above-mentioned terms, please do not authorize us to use the Content.