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About us

Radio Metal is the metal/rock music media that gathers the largest French speaking metalhead community. It was created in 2007.

Radio Metal counts in its ranks more than 60 people working to provide information about the world of Rock/Metal music on an ongoing basis.

Radio Metal’s main website is It welcomes no less than 1,000,000 different visitors each year.

Radio Metal Shop is Radio Metal’s official online shop. Here you will find our clothing brands, Radio Metal Editions’s books as well as a selection of certain products sold by our partners.

You can meet the Shop’s team at many festivals in France and Europe (scroll down for more information).

What do we look like?

Amaury Blanc

Radio Metal's founder

Kevin James

Shop's manager

David Masson

Webmaster, photographer & videographer

Clara Bavoux

Community Manager - Instagram

Jean-Florian Garel

Community Manager - Facebook

Our values

Offering quality products at responsible prices

Respecting the planet as much as we can

Offering as many recycled or organic materials as possible

Helping each other

Helping each other is important to us. We created a brand in this regard.

We named this brand: ” FOR ALL OF US “.

It is a brand launched by Radio Metal in 2020 against the economic impact of Covid-19.

75% of the profits generated by the brand go to cultural structures or health facilities in need.

This donation is all about helping each other. The remaining 25% of the profits allow us to pay for the brand’s logistics costs.

Where to find us?